6.4 L Powerstroke Delete Kits

6.4 L Powerstroke Delete Kits|DPF as well as EGR in 2022

Invite to our delete guide for the 2008-2010 Ford 6.4 L Powerstroke.

In this short article, we will cover the available erase set alternatives for your Super Duty and also what they can do to enhance your engine’s reliability, while also enhancing your MPG as well as HP.

The 6.4 L Powerstroke Delete Kits responds wonderfully to a good tune and a pair deletes, by running it on the supply ECU alone you are losing out on a huge boost in the driveability experience that your powerstroke is simply waiting to give you.

Why Remove ?

If you’re asking yourself why you would want to eliminate any factory systems from your truck and what the benefits are– hopefully this will certainly assist to answer those concerns.

Advantages of DPF removal:

Significantly reduces the negative oil dilution trouble that 6.4 s have, which reduces wear and prolongs engine life.

Improves exhaust flow, turbo spool rate and also decreases your exhaust gas temperatures, mainly due to the fact that the constraint is no longer reducing the exhaust gases after the turbo.

A lot more efficient as far as MPG as well as HP without the restrictions or regen cycles.

EGR remove advantages:

Much better MPG by getting rid of hot exhaust gasses from going into the consumption.

Expands the life of the EGR cooler due to the fact that there disappears 1200 level exhaust gasses passing through, which can cause the coolers to fracture as well as fall short.

Gets rid of the risk of early engine damage from EGR system failing.


The biggest, and also really only con to DPF as well as EGR removal is that these kind of alterations are for off-road usage just and not-applicable if you drive your truck on public freeways, and also this applies throughout the United States.

That being claimed, if you live in a country without discharges laws, it would certainly be an injustice to the life of your truck if you do not do the deletes.

Just how to erase:

To make it less complicated for those wanting to discover the ideal parts to pull this off, listed below I have actually provided what you will certainly require for every type of remove and also where to discover them.

Ideal Delete Receiver for the 6.4 L.

LiveWire TS+ with custom tunes.

By far the most effective alternative for a 6.4 developer, this preloaded SCT Livewire TS+ has tunes designed particularly for the 6.4 L Powerstroke, ranging from a light +40 HP increase, completely up to +250 HP, for associate truly constructed powertrains.

The Livewire receivers are flexible as well as highly customizable, however one of the most vital function; with the TS+ you have all the preloaded songs that retain discharges, and the ones that enable you to remove the EGR and DPF individually or both with each other.

The 6.4 L tends to run best as a daily vehicle driver at the +135 HP tune with EGR as well as DPF deletes installed.

If you’re feeling a little froggy (and also have the supporting mods) you can attempt the +185 or +250 tunes, they truly open the vehicle up. like crazy. Just beware of the touchier throttle on the greater tunes, it takes some getting utilized to. Additionally axle cover becomes more of a concern at that HP also, take a look at some grip bars to fix the jerkiness.

Technical assistance.

Customized remove songs.
Pick in between Power Levels (If 3 are not chosen, we will certainly select for you).
+35 hp.
+80 hp.
+135 hp.
+185 hp.
+250 hp.
boosts power.
Rise MPG.


DPF as well as EGR Delete.
Increase in MPG.
Boost in HP as well as TQ.
Can be calibrated for bigger tires.

Most Inexpensive Delete Tuner for the 6.4 L.

H&S Mini Maxx Race Version.

An additional actually good receiver for the 6.4 is this one from the now-defunct H&S. The Mini Maxx Race is the hot variation that allows for the DPF and also EGR to be removed.

Right out of the box it has actually preloaded tunes for the 6.4 L which let you delete the EGR and also DPF as well as release your vehicle. It does not have as numerous songs, or the quantity of customizability for the 6.4 that the nGage comes with, yet it will certainly enable you to include a great deal even more power and also delete the exhausts systems– for about half the expense.

It’s the most inexpensive method to obtain the capacity to erase the emissions systems, and also it likewise works as an excellent online engine screen at the very same time, with diagnostics integrated in. A strong 6.4 L designer option, the MiniMaxx will certainly work wonderful for 90% of what daily chauffeurs require.

Best Exhaust Package for Removing the DPF as well as DOC.


MVP Stainless Steel 4 ″ Turbo Back Exhaust Set.

A race exhaust with a straight pipeline to eliminate the DPF filter and DOC (catalytic converter) is called for if you are running a tuner that erases the DPF from the computer system.

Otherwise the filters will certainly get blocked with soot because the regen will be switched off. This is horrible for backpressure, as well as has the prospective to build up so much that it can pop your head gaskets if the restriction isn’t removed.

This substitute exhaust looks after the section of factory exhaust that normally houses the DPF and also cat/DOC, eliminating those huge constraints and also replacing them with a right via pipe. Not just does it replace the filter area, it changes the entire exhaust from downpipe out to the back of the truck.

Turbo whistle will certainly be a whole lot more apparent with this kind of exhaust, so if you intend to silent that down for one reason or another, you’ll wish to choose among the aFe tires that consist of a muffler. You could additionally always add your own or just recycle the manufacturing facility muffler.


Fit: 2008 to 2010 Ford F250 & F350 6.4 L Turbo Diesel Pickup.

4″ Down Pipe Back Performance Exhaust System.

Will Certainly Fit Extended & Staff Taxicab, Short Bed or Long Bed. Expansion Pipeline May Require Trim-To-Length, Relying On Wheelbase.

Straight Pipeline Layout, No Muffler or Pointer. Mandrel Bent Tubes For Optimum Circulation.

SS409 Stainless-steel. Top-notch & Affordable Products. Specialist Installation Suggested.

Best 6.4 L Powerstroke EGR Erase Kit.

6.4 L Powerstroke EGR Remove Set.

It’s also feasible to hydro-lock the electric motor, which extremely rapidly transforms the engine into a write-off.

This competition evaluated Threatening EGR Cooler Remove Set is an excellent substitute for your entire stock Powerstroke EGR system. This package offers your Ford Powerstroke’s engine quicker turbo spindle, reduced EGT’s and lower coolant temperatures.

Excellent Quality Construction in an EGR Remove Package Scary Diesel has produced this EGR Erase Set out of even more sturdy products than your manufacturing facility EGR. The real estate of this kit is made from 304 stainless steel as well as difficult CNC Machined billet aluminum. This item is available for a 2008, 2009, or 2010 Ford Super Responsibility F-250/ F-350 with Powerstroke 6.4 L. Race Adjusting Required.

Finest Air Intake for the 6.4 L.


S&B Filters 75-5054.

This package from S&B actually does what most air intake packages only claim to do. By enclosing the filter in a sealed box, S&B has actually identified exactly how to keep the air filter from heatsoaking in the hot engine bay air, while still permitting very easy accessibility and a method to aesthetically examine the problem of your filter.

It uses a oil-type filter, which can be cleaned and also recycled multiple times over. This is a huge advantage in my opinion, conserves a bunch not having to get brand-new filters every tune-up, merely wash the filter and also allow it air completely dry prior to re-oiling and also re-installing.

DEF Erase.

On the more modern-day Powerstrokes, an additional benefit to erasing the DPF systems is that you no longer need to get urea to fill out the aux storage tank for the DEF system to work on.

With the 6.4 L, it does not in fact utilize a DEF type system so there is no demand to stress over that to begin with, once you eliminate the DPF from the exhaust and flash the song, you are basically done.


Ideally you now have a good suggestion of what it takes to get rid of these systems from your truck, and have a feel for what components are the most effective for doing so.

As constant, we would certainly love to listen to any kind of inquiries or comments that our viewers might have, so do not hesitate to drop us a line in the remarks listed here. Many thanks for reviewing!