Best Baby Bassinet For Breastfeeding

Best Baby Bassinet For Breastfeeding & Preemies To Buy In 2023

Getting the best baby bassinet for breastfeeding and preemies is the ONLY alternative to dangerous bed-sharing. If you want to use it as a co-sleeper, the height of it need to be perfectly aligned with the height of the mattress of your bed. Not all of them will serve your purpose, some of them can be dangerous for the newborn. The features of these beds vary a lot.

But you are in the right place. At the end of this most comprehensive reviews, you will get all the information to make a wise decision.

Best Bassinet For Breastfeeding Comparison Table

It’s gonna be a long journey. So, we have included the comparison table to have a quick glimpse that can save you some time. Remember, all the following models are the most selling and most recommended by LOTS of experienced parents. You will get detailed reviews on each of them though.

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Best Baby Bassinet For Preemies Reviews

Some models are expensive, some are cheap but safe and comfortable for the little one. All the following 11 are unique in their own way to make meet different needs of different parents.

1- HALO Swivel Sleeper Reviews

CJ Foundation for SIDS has recommended it as one of the safest bed sharing alternatives. Well, that’s not the only reason I have put it as the no. 1 bedside model in my baby cradle reviews.

It can rotate 360 degrees for the safety and convenience that you can never expect from other co-sleeper. With 360 degrees swiveling cradle, getting in or out of the bed is totally hassle-free.

You will love the spring side wall just like so many parents. This single feature has made it totally different than traditional ones. With traditional bassinets, you have to stand up to get your newborn in and out of the bed because of their rigid sides. With spring sidewalls, you don’t have to stand up. Very useful for mom with limited movement or having a C Section.

If you have a small space in your bedroom, you need something to save spaces. It requires only 32 inches clearance from the wall and the base easily tucks under the bed making it a great choice for small spaces as well. With its stable base, you can fit most beds having 22 to 34 inches tall. With HALO, your little one just not only sleeps as close as you like, but it’s also safer and taking care of your baby is way easier.

To make bedtime fun for the newborn, it comes with a nightlight, 2 vibration level, timer with auto shut off, and 3 soothing lullabies and womb sounds. Since the light and vibrator are places at the center of the bed, your little one will have vibration right on his/her head and light on the eyes. Most parents love this intelligent feature highly useful.

2- BABYBJORN Cradle Review (Rocks At Every Direction)

When you need a top-quality one but don’t want to spend too much, consider BABYBJORN. It’s just perfect, beautiful and comfortable for the newborn and you! You do not have to stand up to get in or out of the bed. From your bed, you can check out the little one. You can rock it as well.

About rocking, yes it’s not battery operated. Either you can rock the cradle yourself or the movement of your newborn will rock it back and forth. As it is equipped with a spring suspension system just like you have seen in a stroller, the rocking will be smooth and soft. Your little one will enjoy it.

The side does not fold down like the HALO, but it is pretty low enough that you can use it as another great co-sleeper. A lot of moms are using it as co-sleeper. Since it has low height and the mesh sides are transparent, you can monitor the baby from your own bed without standing up. Super helpful if you have limited mobility.

Its JPMA certified, so perfectly safe for your newborn. There are no bars or loose parts where your baby’s tiny hand or legs may get stuck. It meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards of F2236. The fabrics and materials used are safe for the little ones. Even if your newborn tastes or chews the fabrics, there is no harm.

It comes with the cradle mattress with 1-inch thickness. Your newborn will feel comfortable with it as confirmed by lots of parents. The fitted mattress sheet is machine washable and is perfectly safe for your little one. If you go for machine wash, air it out first before reassembly. No harmful substances used.

3- Graco Dream Suite Reviews

When you can’t settle for the bassinet alone, you need a changer too, consider having Graco Dream Suite. Yes, you heard it right, along with the reversible model; it comes with a changer as well for the complete care of your little one.

The changer is not something flimsy and useless; you can actually store baby stuff up to 30 pounds! Many parents call it another top-quality one for the changer alone.

You want to keep a sharp eye always on your little angel. With Graco Dream Suite, you can keep your little one anywhere you like around the home. It is equipped with 4 locking wheels, so without much effort, it can be moved anywhere you want it. To ensure the ultimate comfort of your newborn, it comes with 2 vibration speed. Now soothing your newborn with the right setting is much easier.

To make playtime more fun, it comes with 2 soft toys. Your newborn is not never alone even if you are in sleep. To protect the baby from light, you will find the canopy as a blessing. To ensure ample ventilation and extended visibility, it is designed with mesh sides. With locking wheels, canopy, toys, mesh sides, etc, Graco Dream Suite is definitely one of the top-rated models. It’s a complete bedside baby care center.

All of the super useful features can be used smartly. With just a push of a button, you can flip it over to reveal the changer. Since you can wipe clean it, cleaning the surface is super easy. Trust me you need it because you have to do the changing a lot during a single day.

You can use it until your newborn weighs 15 pounds. Sounds confusing? The changer can support 30 pounds but why it can hold only 15 pounds? Well, when your little one reaches 15 pounds, your little one will start pushing up on hands and knees. At that time, you must stop using this and transition to a sturdy crib.

4- Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper from Arm’s Reach


With all the modern features of a bedside sleeper and adjustable legs, this one is truly one of the high-quality models from Arm’s Reach. It ensures the 360 degrees view of your baby. Meaning you can watch your her all the time from any angle around your room. It’s a mini co-sleeper from the Arm’s Reach but this is more than enough for your need.

What more interesting about this co-sleeper is that you can adjust the height of it. The legs are adjustable. You can adjust the legs height between 24 inches to 30 inches in 2 inches increment.

No matter what’s the height of your bed, Clear Vue will still work as a great co-sleeper. So that you can move it anywhere around the home, these legs are equipped with 4 castor wheels for hassle-free mobility without hurting your floor.

Unlike other freestanding models, this one lets you sleep next to your newborn. Adjust the height of the legs to match the height of our bed. You can attach the co-sleeper to the bed using the long straps. And you are good to go! Soothing your little one is really easy whenever your little one needs you.

There is no danger of co-sleeping as well. There is a small side rail so that neither the baby nor the mom can roll into each other’s space.

For the baby stuff like a diaper and towel, it is equipped with a storage basket as well. It is a large storage basket. As you can see, having this one will return you the maximum value for your money.

5- Delta Children Sweet Beginnings

I must call it the most complete model nowadays. I call it the complete one because it has literally EVERYTHING! What do you expect from a co-sleeper? It has the removable canopy, locking casters, night light, soothing music and much more.

Apart from always keeping your little angel with you, the newborn sleeper can actually soothe your little one with a calming night light and pre-loaded lullabies. Your LO will quickly fall asleep. Its battery-operated, so you need to change the battery from now and then though.

The canopy can block the harsh light and save your newborn’s eyes. What’s more, the canopy is the adjustable meaning you can move it up and down. If you need to completely remove it, you can! It is equipped with locking casters as well. Now you can keep your LO always with you no matter wherever you go.

Sturdy steel frame and polyester fiber are used. The steel frame does not make it heavy. In fact, it is pretty lightweight. The fabric is machine washable. It comes with the mattress and fitted sheet. The mattress is not thin and you don’t need to buy a new mattress as well. It’s a complete package for your newborn to have a safe and sound sleep.

The design is cute. It features a neutral leaf pattern which is really gorgeous. A truly sleek profile model with elegant fabrics. It is equipped with a large storage basket with 2 sections. Not just baby diapers, you can store clothes as well. There is plenty of room in the storage.

Best Baby Bassinet For Breastfeeding & Preemies Buying Guide 2023

From lots of brands, it is really confusing to pick the right one. The selection becomes even more difficult when they vary in features. As you have seen from the 11 reviews, each of these models as its own unique features. Besides, each parent has their own preferences. But if you follow these following guidelines, finding the right one should be that much problemati:

If you are a new parent, soothing the newborn will be a nightmare. You gonna need a nanny or at least you have to stay at the baby’s grandpa’s home. Your little one will wake up several times during the middle of the night even he/she is not hungry. So, you can’t sleep better either. You can solve the problem by getting SNOO. As I have mentioned in the above SNOO bassinet reviews, its a total package as the top-quality newborn sleeper.

If you have a decent budget, get the HALO. After reading so many parents’ reviews, I have come to the conclusion that this is so far the highly recommended one having all the modern features.

Never buy one without transparent mesh sides. It just does not help you see your baby from any angle of the home, it helps to prevent the suffocation hazard as well.

Almost ALL of them come with a mattress and sheet. Try to use that mattress even though it looks thin and hard. Infant mattress is totally different than the adult mattress. Hard surfaced mattress is a MUST for the infant to avoid the risk of SIDS.

If you want to use it as a co-sleeper which most of the parents do, double check the height of it and your bed. Get the one that has adjustable heights. If you can adjust the height of the legs, you have nothing to worry.
Locking wheels is a MUST.


You have no idea how many cups of coffee I had to drink to write this fat article. But my effort will be fruitful only if you can find the best bassinet for breastfeeding from the above recommended for your little angel.

I have tried my best to include all the important information that you need to know. If you need more information, please talk to your experienced friends and family members. Read as many reviews as you can. Have a good day!

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