Best Single Serve Blenders

The Best Single Serve Blenders Of 2022

Best Single Serve Blenders 2022— Reviews & Top Picks

Blender or food processors can be extremely useful kitchen area devices. Yet if you such as to mix smaller sized amounts, like a solitary healthy smoothie, you may need a blender or food processor that is particularly designed for that objective. Not all mixers function well with tiny quantities, so you’ll most likely intend to find an excellent single-serve design.

Do not worry, we’re below to help you find an excellent blender. We examined the most effective brand names readily available as well as came up with this list of 2022’s 10 best single-serve blenders. For each and every brand, we have actually written a detailed evaluation, contrasting rate, design, power, materials, and warranty so you can feel great in your selection.

Blending a single serving doesn’t have to be tough, and wish this position, plus the purchaser’s guide at the end, will aid you discover a fantastic design.

The Most Effective Single Serve Blenders 2022

Ninja BL456 Solitary Serve Blender Or Food Processor– Ideal Overall

Our preferred single-serve blender or food processor is the Ninja BL456, a lightweight, attractively-priced model with lots of attributes as well as a powerful motor.

This streamlined equipment, which considers a small 6 extra pounds, has a strong 900-watt electric motor with stainless steel blades that conveniently crush ice. It has just one rate and also no automatic settings, so although you will not have the ability to customize your settings, it’s extremely easy to use. The plan consists of 18- as well as 24-ounce blend-in travel mugs with twist-on lids, which are comfortably made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic, plus a 75-recipe recipe book.

Without any bigger bottle, the BL456 won’t have the ability to function as a full-size mixer, so it will function best if you just blend small amounts. In screening, we discovered that the gaskets are lower high quality as well as might need to be changed relatively commonly, as well as acquiring substitute blades can be expensive. This machine is supported by an excellent lifetime guarantee, though it does not cover the blending mugs and also you will have to pay delivery fees.

Hamilton Beach Solitary Serve Blender– Finest Value

If you’re seeking to conserve money, you might be interested in the Hamilton Coastline 51101AV Personal Mixer, which we discovered to be the most effective single-serve mixer for the money.

This tiny 1.8-pound version can be found in a series of intense colors and is cost a really small cost. At 175 watts, the motor is less powerful as well as requires to relax in between blends, but it can handle standard mixing. You have the option of one or two blend-in BPA-free 14-ounce mugs with traveling lids. The cups, covers, and also blades are dishwasher-safe, but if you desire them to last longer, you may favor to hand clean.

The 51101AV has an extremely simple one-button user interface, with just one speed. This version can not manage warm liquids, and we found the electric motor and also stainless-steel blades much less resilient. Hamilton Beach provides a 1 year service warranty.

NutriBullet Single-Serve Mixer

If you’re trying to find a costs design, you might intend to look at the NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender, a compact yet powerful machine that generates a remarkably smooth mix.

This attractive 5.5-pound design, which is available in a nice variety of colors, has a solid 900-watt motor as well as a durable stainless-steel extractor blades. The plan includes two higher-capacity 32-ounce blend-in traveling mugs with flip-top covers, plus a healthy dish book. The cups and covers are made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic.

Though it’s stylish and powerful, we discovered that this machine had not been rather worth its higher price, with leaking problems and much less resilient plastic parts. NutriBullet supplies a 1 year warranty as well as the option to purchase an added 4 years of insurance coverage.

Cuisinart CPB-300 Mixer

The smooth Cuisinart CPB-300 Mixer might be one more great option, supplying a series of blending options at an affordable rate. Unfortunately, it’s also less powerful and also feels much less resilient.

This light four-pound design has a much less powerful 350-watt motor but uses three speeds, including a pulse alternative. It has a streamlined silver body as well as a simple three-button interface, plus safety and security attributes like a security lock as well as auto-stop. The plan includes a 32-ounce mixing container, an eight-ounce slicing mug, and 4 16-ounce blend-in traveling cups, all with lids as well as made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic. It additionally offers 2 self-aligning blade settings up, particularly made for blending and also slicing.

We loved all of these options but didn’t such as just how much area every one of the devices took up, as the cups don’t pile. The motor isn’t really solid enough to crush ice, as well as the cups aren’t really long lasting and are vulnerable to splitting. Cuisinart offers an excellent three-year guarantee.

Cincred Single-Serve Blender Or Food Processor

The Cincred Personal Counter Top Blender or food processor is an additional visually appealing, inexpensive option, though it likewise has less features and also a really tiny ability.

This 2.25-pound single-serve blender includes a tiny 15-ounce blend-in travel mug, constructed from dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Tritan. The 250-watt motor is susceptible to overheating and also doesn’t take care of ice or icy create well. So it might not work as well for smoothie mixes or various other chilly blends. We discovered the four-tip stainless-steel blades to be rather sturdy.

Attractive and compact, this blender is additionally easy to make use of. There’s no interface: to turn it on, you align the mixing cup and also press it down. You do not get an option of rates as well as there aren’t any kind of settings you can adjust. Cincred deals an excellent life time guarantee.

Sboly Solitary Serve Mixer

Sboly’s 10USSY621BK Personal Blender or food processor is light-weight; as well as low-priced yet does not have a strong electric motor and requires added prep time.

This fairly good-looking version has an uncomplicated one-button interface and also evaluates only 3.3 pounds. The 300-watt motor isn’t specifically powerful and can not blend for greater than a minute each time; and the supplier suggests reducing harder produce to one-inch dices. The base is furnished with a manage and also a safety and security lock, plus a four-tip stainless-steel blade.

You have the choice of one or two 20-ounce Tritan cups with lids; and also the bundle includes a container brush, a silicone ice cube tray, and 2 silicone O-ring substitutes. Sboly uses a 90-day quality control warranty as well as a two-year general warranty.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have actually seen our checklist of the 10 ideal single-serve blenders, you’re about ready to begin purchasing. Yet just how do you see to it you’re choosing the version that will function best for you? Maintain reading to discover our quick overview your crucial alternatives.


You might want to consider what you typically blend. If you such as to mix ice, frozen fruit and vegetables, or tough veggies; you might intend to buy a blender or food processor with a higher electrical power, around 900 watts. If you just mix soft ingredients or want to cut your produce down prior to blending it. You might be great with a much less effective electric motor, rated around 300 watts.

Single-serve blenders also come with two source of power alternatives. If you desire one of the most effective blender, you’ll probably want to stick with the most common variety, which is electrical. These versions should be plugged in to run, like traditional mixers.

If you desire something more travel-friendly, you may be interested in a battery-powered model. These blenders are powered by rechargeable batteries. You’ll have to bear in mind to charge them beforehand, however due to the fact that they blend wirelessly, they’re simple to utilize while camping or taking a trip.


Just how commonly would certainly you such as to use your mixer? If you blend everyday, you’ll most likely intend to make sure your selection is strong enough to last. Try to find durable base and blade materials like stainless-steel; and difficult mixing containers constructed from either shatter-resistant Tritan or glass.

Operation as well as Attributes

Due to the fact that they’re so streamlined, single-serve blenders typically have fewer features than full-size blender or food processors. This means that a lot of versions won’t allow you readjust the blending speed. If you intend to have the ability to tailor your blend. You might wish to seek one that provides high and low rates or a pulse attribute.

The tradeoff for having less features is that these mixers are extremely easy to make use of. The most usual type has a simple interface with simply one switch, which you hold back for as lengthy as you want to mix. A much less usual range has no user interface or buttons in any way. This sort of mixer switches on when you attach the mixing container and press it down.

If you’re especially curious about safety and security attributes, you may wish to try to find models with safety and security locks; that will certainly prevent the blender from switching on by mishap as well as get too hot security; that will automatically turn the electric motor off to maintain it from stressing out and even starting a fire.


You may wish to think about just how much you wish to invest in your new mixer. You can acquire a great single-serve blender or food processor for the rate of a couple of store-bought healthy smoothies, though the least expensive versions are commonly less durable; as well as much less effective. If you want to invest a little much more, you can end up with a blender or food processor that has a strong; durable electric motor and a strong body, plus extra functions.

Weight as well as Ability

Single-serve mixers are normally streamlined; as well as straightforward, so they consider only a few pounds and have fairly small capacities. You might want to consider how much mixing capacity you require; along with how much area you have in your kitchen. Keep in mind that while these mixers are generally light and also have tiny footprints. They’re additionally relatively high; so you may intend to examine the listed measurements against your available space.

Service warranty

Exactly how do you really feel concerning warranties? If you like the safety of a great service warranty supporting your devices; you might wish to focus on the information. Every one of the versions we evaluated contend the very least a 1 year warranty. However some deal several years, optional extensions, or perhaps life time guarantees. You may also want to consider what each guarantee covers; as some just apply to the motor or fee expensive delivery or repair service charges.


Our preferred single-serve blender is the Ninja BL456, which is light-weight, well-priced, as well as very powerful. If you’re working with a smaller sized spending plan, the small Hamilton Coastline 51101AV Personal Blender or food processor offers terrific worth. As well as if you’re shopping for a premium version; the eye-catching NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender Or Food Processor can be for you; providing a strong electric motor and high ability.

Shopping for a fantastic single-serve blender does not have to be a task. Regardless of what you’re searching for, there are plenty of fantastic models on the marketplace. We hope this ranking of the 10 finest single-serve blenders, complete with extensive reviews; assists you locate your new preferred home appliance. Enjoy your brand-new mixer!