Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Preparing Your Document For Multi-Lingual Translation

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Translating a document is not an easy task, even for expert translators. There are a lot of things that should be considered before a translator can proceed to the actual translation. As clients, we can expedite the process by preparing the documents thoroughly before submitting it for translation.

A top translation agency in Dubai provided a list of pointers of how you can prepare your document for translation. Here are some tips that you need to follow:

Specify the target languages

Since it is a multi-language document translation, you need to determine your target languages so the translation agency can provide you with a translator that would do the language conversions. For languages with several dialects, it would be best to provide the specific dialects as well so the translator will know if the terms are applicable for certain dialects. Business websites are advised to select a few languages for translation based on their target audience’s profile.s

Finalize the manuscript

One of the most common mistakes that clients do is providing the initial draft of the document for translation. This can cause confusion and project delays since the translator would need to start from the scratch once they receive the final draft. It can also incur additional cost on the client’s part. Be sure to proofread and update the document before you submit it for translation.

Provide a brief

Apart from the manuscript, you may also need to provide the translation company a full brief about the document. A project brief contains important information that can help the translator an overview about the document. This should include the summary of the document, the objective, the profile of the target audience and the technical specs like the number of pages, words, and the format/s required for submission. It would best if you can provide a detailed brief to your translation agency.

Draft a project timeline

Along with the brief, you should also provide a project timeline. Providing a timetable would set the expectations of the translators on when the transcribe document is expected to be delivered to the client. Be realistic on setting your deadlines.

Create list of terminologies

For technical translations, providing a glossary of terms would help translators use specific jargons for translation. Although they can research these terms themselves, it would take time and there might be chances that they will use it wrong.

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