Whether you’re looking to improve ground clearance, run bigger tires, or just want to make your truck look better by lifting it, this is for you.

This guide will help you compare your options as we look at the most popular kits for lifting Silverados and how they work to give your truck some height and attitude!


We will start with leveling kits that only lift the front, and then go through options for more lifting until some of the most advanced kits available.


The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a suspension kit is your driving style. Do you have to consider if you are a daily driver or just driving on weekends or using it to have fun on your trips?

It depends on your driving habits because transforming your vehicle into an off-road beast will radically change the driving experience and you will definitely feel a change in driving geometry along with the appearance. In addition to ferocious driving.

These are common, but some lifting kits do not change the factory trip, but yes! Some changes are there

Second, the budget is the main concern while buying or upgrading your vehicle, it depends on how much you want to upgrade your vehicle. You only need a small body lift for the purpose of lifting or want it to race or go on the road, it depends on how you are looking for your car or want your car to be like that. Which and on the basis you intend to increase the lift.

Some lifting kits come with an adjustable handle, brakes, shock absorbers, or a wobbly disconnect bar that will cost you a lot while others come with only pads or replacements. because of the new coil or leaf springs.

And wait, this is not all, there are many other things that you often need bigger tires, new gears and all the like that will directly increase costs – So you absolutely want to spend how much. If you just want to add a look and don’t have any off-road racing plans, there’s nothing to spend thousands of dollars on expensive lifting kits, just take bigger tires or add some Pads are enough.

But if you are definitely in the mood to take your beast to the street then you definitely need some good high-end elevators.


Just make your decisions wisely for what you need and why you need lifting kits.

In general, they are categorized based on maximum ground clearance, on-road experience, and essentially how many inches you lift while lifting as it directly affects tire size when both are together. holding hands.

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