are cordless screwdrivers any good

Are cordless screwdrivers any good

You don’t have to be a DIY enthusiast to need a screwdriver, although depending on the models on the market, its use is more hobbyist than semi-professional use.

How to choose the best wireless screwdriver?

For this reason, to help you choose which power tool is right for you, we’ve created a buying guide as well as a review of the most popular models, paying special attention to battery-powered models.


On the market, you can find screwdrivers using lithium batteries (the same type found in smartphones and tablets), nickel-cadmium, or, to a lesser extent, nickel-metal.

The top-of-the-line models favored by users are those with lithium-ion batteries, available on tools from the best brands, as they ensure the screwdrivers are fitted to be both light and comfortable. Best of all, it has good autonomy, because of this battery it has no memory effect.

In fact, it is the process of reducing the battery’s charge level if it is connected to a charger before its power is completely depleted. Hence, these screwdrivers can be recharged at any time, preserving the integrity of the battery.

Comfortable and flexible

Products of this type are specially designed for use on the go and guarantee maximum freedom both in housework and if you normally use it on the go. This is why design and weight are of great importance.

In our opinion, a screwdriver weighing between 1.5 and 2 kg is the ideal solution as it allows you to do all the maneuvers without excessively straining the arm.

For the power supplied and therefore the rotational speed, a good wireless screwdriver has to guarantee around a thousand revs per minute and of course, must allow you to change direction to decide, depending on needs, should be screwed or open.

How to use a wireless screwdriver

If you often have to work with screws and screwdrivers, you should decide to buy a wireless screwdriver. It is a very comfortable power tool that saves time and effort. Imagine, for example, you buy a piece of furniture, and you can assemble it yourself, nine times out of ten instructions are complicated, better to simplify something with a screwdriver good.

Simple drill or screwdriver?

Let’s start with the distinction that seems important to us, that is between a simple screwdriver and a drill screwdriver. Intuitively it should be understood that the first type does nothing but the screw and unscrew while the second also acts as a drill. Yes, you can make losses. But screwdrivers have limitations. For example, if you have to drill a concrete wall and forget to use a screwdriver (which doesn’t have the power needed), what you need is a hammer drill.

The battery

Never underestimate the battery type provided, make your choices based on this factor as well. The screwdriver battery can be either lithium or Ni-Cd. Also, consider whether a screwdriver comes with one or two batteries, which one would we prefer to use because this way, you can immediately replace the discharged battery with the other without. need to wait for long recharge time.


A power tool feels solid, but it’s not necessarily a good thing. The power tool should be light and easy to handle as the job can be lengthy; Why do you feel tired holding a heavy object in your hand? In this sense, the handle is also very important, to be ergonomic and not slippery.


One of the benefits of a screwdriver is that it usually comes with a good set of drill bits. This eliminates the need for screwdrivers of different sizes. The assembly is a little extremely easy: you loosen the spindle by rotating it and insert the most suitable bit inside the case. At this point, the spindle must be rotated in the opposite direction until the tip is properly locked.

It is important to use a solid, good quality screw as otherwise, the torque of the screwdriver could damage the head. However, the non-force rule is always in effect.

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